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admin / October 20th, 2017

Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary

Rosemary tackles Valkyrie and unleashes a flurry of strikes. Rosemary tosses Valkyrie across the ring. Valkyrie rolls out to the apron. Rosemary follows. Rosemary grabs Valkyrie by the hair. Valkyrie hooks Rosemary’s arm and pulls her shoulder first into the ring post over and over again. Rosemary tumbles to the outside clutching her arm. After a short break, Valkyrie gets trapped in a rope hang neck vice. Valkyrie throws Rosemary over the top rope. Valkyrie leaps off the top rope and cross body blocks Rosemary. Valkyrie only gets a two count. Gut wrench suplex by Valkyrie. Running knee in the corner by Valkyrie.

Valkyrie tries to land another running knee but Rosemary moves out of the way and German suplexes Valkyrie. Valkyrie and Rosemary trade punches. Rosemary kicks Valkyrie in the head. Valkyrie responds with a kick of her own. Valkyrie celebrates. Rosemary sits up and screams at Valkyrie. Rosemary picks up Valkyrie for the Red Wedding but Valkyrie counters into a northern lights suplex. Valkyrie rolls through and double foot stomps Rosemary for the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

After the match, Valkyrie tries to hit the Road to Valhalla but Rosemary fights out of it and spits the mist in Valkyrie’s face. Rosemary grabs a mic and challenges Valkyrie to a what we can only assume will be a first blood match at BFG.

The Demon Assassin

Hailing from the Valley of the Shadow comes a demon unlike any other. She hears voices in her head, laughter of those that she’s demolished and those still to come. She follows the words of the Hive. Her name is Rosemary, and she’s unleashing her own brand of hell on the Knockouts of Impact Wrestling.She may have lost her family, but she still answers to the Hive.

“We back down from no physical danger and are a master of manipulation of the mortal emotional psyche.”

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Impact Wrestling

You can catch the hive mother, Rosemary, every week on Impact Wrestling airing on POP TV Thursdays at 8p/7c. Or, you catch all the latest action at Impact Wrestling on YouTube.

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